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FarmaSino has its own R & D centers and pilot-scale workshop. According to the ISO9001:2008 Quality system by SGS, we carry out scientific management to provides one-stop services of research - development - production for a variety of fine chemicals and special chemicals. Not only do we make effective use of our strong technological strength, but also establish cooperative relations with several well-known companys and research institutions.
A) The Service of R&D Center
1)cGMP standard kilo lab and Pilot workshop;
2) Rapid scale up of existing route with on-time delivery;
3)API synthesis to drug candidate selections
4)Route scouting and selection
5)Optimization of existing synthesis routes
6)Scale-up from laboratory scale to ten liter reactors
7)Original data archiving for all activities and comprehensive report for technology transfer
B) The advantages of Custom Synthesis:
1) Advanced technology, good experience and full of innovative professional R & D team.
2) Advanced research and development equipment, flexible pilot plant,improved production facilities
3) Perfect Quality Management System, strictly accordance with ISO9001: 2008 guidelines and innovation.
4) Professional project management personnel, a perfect project management system.
5) The production of custom tailored to help customers reduce the cost of money and time.
We will achieve the following requirements in the custom synthesis business:
1) Rapid response;
2) Price concessions;
3) Quality assurance;
4) Timely delivery;
5) Detailed data;
6) Customer satisfaction.
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